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Chachki Glitter Stack

Chachki Glitter Stack

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A stack of glitter!! (With interference violet shimmer powder)

top jar: gel mixing medium (safe on eyes)

2nd jar: interference violet shimmer powder (safe to use on eyes)

3rd jar: purple haze chunky glitter .125 hex

4th jar: light purple cosmetic grade glitter (safe to use on eyes)

5th jar: angels wing chunky glitter mix

6th jar: pure purple cosmetic grade fine glitter (safe on eyes)

bottom jar: empty so you can use it to mix your glitters in

comes with 2 spare lids

 the chunky glitter is not safe to use on the eye lids or around the eye area.

 You can use the gel to make a glitter gel or just to adhere the glitter straight to the skin.