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Arden Lane? How did Arden Lane start?

Arden Lane started with 1 fashion lover having a dream to own her own clothing retail store, see, unlike everyone else this country town middle aged gal didn't have a particular style she stuck by, she experimented, she always had to be different, she always had to be bold, sometimes sweats and a headband would be the pick of the day AND She could never find what she wanted in the one place! So with a quick business plan and the money she had in her bank account and a quirky business name, Arden Lane was born!

With the help from an amazing friend who pointed me in the right direction of labels I could pursue I set out with nothing but good vibes and a massive dream to open within a few weeks. When contacting labels I tried to stay true to myself and approach labels that best represent me. I drove to Adelaide, filled my car up from top to bottom and came home to build shelves in a built on room and this is where my dream starts in motion!

Arden Lane developed a loyal following with many repeat customers who took a chance on my dream and believed in me and kept coming back!

So based out of my parents’ house in a built on room full of shelves filled with clothes, this fashion lover cherished and wrapped every single order with love and made sure her passion for this business was shown in the wrapping of her packages sent to her customers and her small homegrown business was slowly flourishing into an extraordinary business.

Arden Lane is continuing to grow and evolve into it's full potential and slowly adding more and more variety as we expand, my dream is to be a one stop shop - one step at a time and we will get there!

Today Arden Lane is still a growing dream and one day we will be ready to take over the world with a warehouse and more team members who have the same passion and dream as I do.

Kel xx